Trident desk 40+16 in 8 / 2 (changed to 18+16 in 8 / 2)
Tascam US-2400 build-in
Home-built Digital Level Indicator

24 Track Digital Multitrack Alesis HD 24 with
3x ADA8200
RME Fireface 800
Behringer FCA 1616
TL Audio C-1 Dual Valve Compressor
iMac 2,5 GHz with 32Gb DDR3
with Logic
Pro X 10

Addicted Drums
Addicted Keys
Battery 2
Chris Hein - Horns Vol 1+2 
Chris Hein – Orchestral Brass Compact
Scarbee J-Bass
Session Horns
Complete Classical Collection 2nd Edition
Session Strings
Hollywood Strings Diamond
Hollywood Solo Violin
Hollywood Solo Cello
Symphonic Choirs with Wordbuilder
Fab Four

Neumann U87i
MXL SL 11 (2x)
AKG C 460 B with CK 63 ULS Hypercardioid
MXL 2006
MXL 2001 pimped (4x)
MXL 603 S pimped (4x)

Sony ECM-969 Stereo Condensor
Sennheiser M21
Sennheiser D 241 (2x)
Sennheiser D 441
AKG D 190 (2x)

Beyer TX 480

Sony MDR V3 and Sennheiser HD 580 Headphones

Roland Canvas SC 880
Yamaha Clavinova CPS-350
Yamaha PSR-S910
Fender Amp
Marshall Amp
Fender Strat
Fenix Custom build Telecaster
Gibson Les Paul Customized
Crafter JE 36/N Jumbo Acoustic

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar FG-180

Pioneer PDR-555 RW CD-Recorder
Sony DAT 330
REVOX B-67 ½ Track 38cm/s
Sony PCM 701 + Betamax C 9 (with AES Digital Output)

Nova KD-12 with custom build Sub Amp + Woofer (2x)
Pioneer VSX-709 Surround Amp with 5 Zeck F52T +
custom build Sub Amp + Woofer
KRK Rokit 5 Nearfield Monitors
Philips Motional Feedback 587 Activ Monitors